NMO Haryana and COVID 19

/NMO Haryana and COVID 19
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COVID-19 emerged to be a global pandemic and brought along with it challenges for all.

NMO Haryana decided to step forward and extend its volunteering services that started with 5 Helpdesks that were set up in BPS GMC unit  with the help of  41 doctor and student volunteers and with the sole purpose of spreading awareness and counseling  people regarding the precautionary measures for dealing with COVID -19.  Under the Annapurna Campaign 800 kg of dry ration was distributed to serve around 3500 people. 1500 PPE kits were distributed to the paramedical staff.  Voluntary blood donation was encouraged under the Raktdhara Campaign where more than 80 units of blood was donated. In collaboration with Abhyudaya another campaign was started by the name of NASHA MUKT SHAKAHAR YUKT JEEVAN where people came forward and pledged towards a healthy lifestyle.  With the help of many doctors, COVID- 19 , PG and DNB counseling helplines have been started.

When the world is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, NMO Haryana has its own innovative ways of keeping everyone engaged during the lockdown through various online activities and group discussions. To keep the people aware and motivated, online group discussions are being held where speakers from different  sectors of the society are invited.  As of now 11 online group discussions have been conducted.  Online Competitions are being held to keep the zeal alive among the participants. Regular Facebook live sessions are being organized with the purpose of spreading awareness during the pandemic. Realising the mental toll that the pandemic has created, a three day online meditation workshop was held under the guidance of Swami Shailendra Saraswati.

NMO Haryana is taking all the efforts in keeping the people encouraged and motivated and helping them to fight the pandemic.