National Medicos Organization (NMO) is factory churning out role model medicos who know not only their rights and can fight for them but their duties also which always take precedence in our Indian tradition. NMOnians have empathy for patients, emotions for nation and humanity, passion for research, respect for women and they cater dream of making India a healthy nation.
I am blessed to be closely associated with Haryana Chapter of National Medicos Organization and its great team which now covers most of the state and medical colleges. This website is a dream coming true for all of us. I must appreciate Dr. Anshita Mishra for the efforts put by her for the cause. Hope the website will help in spreading our cause in future.
Long live NMO!!!

-Message from National General Secretary
Dr.Yogender Malik


NMO is a unique Organisation of qualified doctors and students allopathic system of medicine, covering most of the colleges in India. It Aims to organize & motivate allopathic doctors for serving Underprivileged sections of society, settled in the tribal villages, slum areas, by the adoption of slum areas by individual units and developing a commitment of the doctors for this noble cause. NMO attempts to develop a good academic atmosphere in the medical colleges through better teacher student relationship and organizing programs for the character building of the medicos.

President’s Desk
Dr. Jagpal Nalwa (M.B.B.S , M.D , D.C.P)
President NMO Haryana

“NMO has been a refining factory for me, bringing out the diamond from the coal in me since the time I have been associated with it.”
National Medicos Organisation provides a platform for young medicos to interact with each other and the teachers. NMO instills in its members the morals of life , the essence of being a doctor and the happiness in serving the needy.
The yearly sewa yatras at north eastern states and the remote areas of Kashmir and medical camps through out the year with the motto ‘स्वास्थ्य सेवा – राष्ट्र सेवा’ serves to provides selfless service to the nation.
I greatly acknowledge the hard work, efforts and dedication of NMO Haryana IT Team for this website.
This will help us to spread our ideology and work.

Long  Live NMO!!

Anita Gaat
BPSGMC Khanpur kalan
Gen secretary
NMO Haryana


To develop A National park of medicos Irrespective of Caste , Color , Creed And Sex for discharging Selfless and dedicated health care services in all the sectors of our nation.
To Provide Health care for the underprivileged sections of our Society through voluntary efforts of all medicos.
Promotion of academic environment in medical colleges through better teacher-student relationship and channelization of all available resources.
To develop a common platform for all medicos(learning, teaching as well as in practices) for harmony, homogeneity and coordinated efforts for the conscientious and effective discharge of health care delivery to the Community.
To develop national character and discipline among the doctors for their enhanced social role in the border context of national reconstruction.
To work for the comprehensive development and welfare of medicos in India.