Project Dhadkan : From vision to action

Every year operating 100 sick hearts

National Medicos organisation , Haryana (Trust) and Abhyudaya trace its association with Project Dhadkan back in the holy lands of Badrinath.It was a small group of people who envisioned the framework of this project with the sole aim to heal the needy. Little did they know that this initiative is about to echo across such a large area.

Project Dhadkan aims to sponsor 100 -150 cardiac surgeries every year for the poor beyond the barriers of caste, creed, region, religion, race, language, gender and colour.

The project covers cardiac conditions like by-pass surgeries , Congenital Heart defects , Heart valve defects and Interstitial Lung diseases .

It was both National Medicos organisation, Haryana (Trust) and Abhyudaya who worked together tirelessly and turned this vision into a commendable reality.

“When we strive to do something good , everything around us becomes supportive.”

The success of project Dhadkan can be attributed to the strong back and financial assistance provided by The Hans foundation and Mata Shree Mangla ji. Had they not been a source of inspiration and motivation, the project would not have been able to provide new healthy lives to the needy.

National Medicos organisation , Haryana (Regd trust ) since its formation is working with the motto of ‘Swasthya sewa se Rashtra sewa’ has always believed in the idea of team work combined with community participation to make any project self sustainable and efficient , the accurately structured ‘Arogya Gram – Anemia Mukt gram’ project by NMO Haryana (regd trust ) stands a testimony to this.

The collaborative efforts of volunteers from every village , the perfect framework of the project designed by Dr.Yogender Malik , Dr.Divyanshi and team of doctors and students of NMO Haryana along with the support of Dr Rahul Chandola (Senior Heart surgeon , Heart & Lung transplant specialist ) , Dr.Aditya Batra  (Cardiologist , Holy Heart Hospital , Rohtak ) and Dr. Varun Gupta ( Cardiologist , Abhishek Memorial Hospital , Gohana) made this project successful.

The project Dhadkan as a pilot project involved a lot of organisational meetings, training sessions for volunteers across more than 25 villages , pamphlet distribution , identification and registration of the sick and the needy . All of this bore fruit on 28th July, 2019 when first part of project Dhadkan was organised.

The camp was organised at Abhishek Memorial hospital , Gohana with the support of Dr.Rahul Chandola , Dr.Varun Gupta and Dr.Aditya Batra . The camp had 30 beneficiaries, all with prior registration where in 10 were identified for urgent surgical care and the cost for bungeoning life into their sick hearts be borne by the Project . NMO Haryana takes the pride to have volunteered for such a noble cause . The pharmacy at Abhishek Memorial hospital deserves the appreciation for making available all the medicines free of cost , The Ultrasound scan facility at Jeevandeep Hospital was made available for the camp free of cost. Sewabhav is contagious.

Moreover , the camp also witnessed the auspicious presence of Dr.Yogender Malik ( Advisor to CM) and his team Dr. Pushpender Malik , Dr.Suneel Rohilla , Dr.Divyanshi , Dr.Anshita Mishra , Dr.Aakanksha Yadav and others .

The successful conducted of the camp and the smiles on the faces of the healed pumped NMO Haryana and the team and  after 4 months , Project Dhadkan witnessed its second part on 15 December , 2019 .

This time , Project Dhadkan had its beats raised and were echoing across 55 villages .

The camp had 31 beneficiaries and out of those, 3 were identified for surgery as soon as possible.

The Abhishek Memorial Hospital , Gohana and Dr. Varun Gupta can’t be thanked enough for the extended support as well as on spot investigations (angiography and echocardiography) to make the camp a great success .

Project Dhadkan has way to go. It needs to touch the sick hearts and make them beat faster and healthier.

NMO Haryana ( Trust ) is proud to have been a part of such project .

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः 

सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुःखभाग्भवेत् ॥