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Ankita Siwach


This initiative of NMO Haryana works in the rural sector for the betterment of females by making the villages nutritional anaemia free.

AIM: assessment of health status and intervention in a female population of 5 villages of Sonepat district.

For this, a team of:a doctor (allopathic or ayurvedic),
4-5 volunteers from the same village
5 medical students work every alternate Sundays to achieve the goal.

Various parameters used to assess the health status of the female village population are:
Hemoglobin estimation, Blood pressure, Weight, Random blood sugar, Urine albumin.
Vaccination status of children and pregnant women and General habits.


Dengue epidemic knocked out Haryana in  September 2015. The patients were reporting to the new construction downtown and hospital round the clock and it was gradually becoming a hard task to handle.  Ward was set up by Director and he called NMO to support it and it becomes NMO Ward. The Ward started on 21st Sept 2015.Ward consisted of 90 beds and the turnover daily patient was around 100. The team of 14 doctors and around 60 students worked round the clock. The Ward remained functional for around 15 days and after managing about 1000 patients got dissolved on 5th October with zero mortality.

IEC (Information Education and Communication) Activity

At Gade Lohar basti in Gohana, Localities were encouraged to keep their surroudings clean by door to door counseling. Pamphlets were also distributed



Street plays regarding social issues are conducted under NMO in which 36 students are divided into 3 teams of 12 members each and are given topics on which they prepare and present the program
Topic: Pregnancy and Health Related Issues
Topic: Female Foeticide


Sanskar Kendra

An initiative was taken by BPS GMCW unit along with Abhyudaya members.More than 70 students from BPS GMCW came forward to voluntarily teach the underprivileged in Gohana 

Sapna Balkunj

It is an orphanage in the village Khanpur Kalan. 25 Kids from age 3 to 18 years, live here and are provided education and vocational skills.NMO celebrated its 38th Anniversary at Sapna Balkunj by conducting a medical camp.

Medical camps

NMO organised various medical camps in Gohana in collaboration with Bharat Vikas parishad and Abhyudya

Breast Feeding Awareness Program

Weekly Students go to gynecology ward, labor room, postoperative females and deliver health education regarding breast feeding like the right way of feeding its necessity, maternal health and nutrition.