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Arogya Gram Yojana – Anemia Mukt Gram

NMO Haryana – Trust and its dynamic team members were aware of the increased prevalence of anemia in females of reproductive age group in Haryana. Their meticulous approach and untiring efforts led to the designing of a project targetting the ground level i.e house to house visits with the vision to make the village Anemia free.

The project Anemia mukt gram is under the NMO Haryana’s umbrella project of ‘One unit, One village’ project. The ideology is adoption of a nearby village by each NMO unit . The project is currently active in three villages of Haryana i.e Village Harigarh , Village Khedla and Village Anandpur Bali adopted respectively by NMO BPS khanpur unit , NMO Mewat unit and NMO PGIMS Rohtak unit.

The project was born as a baby project on 24th July 2016 with inauguration at Gamri village in the presence of Mr.Ajay Kumar, SDM Gohana where he also inaugurated our health card, a detailed clinical history evaluation card.


The aim of this NMO Haryana’s initiative in the rural sector is to make the villages free of nutritional anaemia.


  • Periodic assessment of anemia i.e haemoglobin estimation in the females of reproductive age group (15-45 y)
  • Awareness about Anaemia : a “preventable yet problem” issue to females of village.
  • To assess the baseline prevalence of nutritional anaemia in female population.
  • Dietary and therapeutic intervention for improvement.
  • Motivate mothers to consume the tablets through relevant health education


The idea is to make it a self sustainable project for the village i.e “FOR THE PEOPLE ,BY THE PEOPLE”

A team visits the adopted village every alternate Sunday for haemoglobin evaluation, healthy

Interaction and general health awareness of the population.  Each team consists of one doctor , volunteers from same village preferably young female population and 4-5 students.

The team focusses on training the village volunteers so as to make the dream project reality .


Haemoglobin estimation of 350+ females covering nearly the entire village Harigarh has been done by house to house visits and the therapeutic intervention has brought out a significant rise in the haemoglobin levels.