National Medicos organisation , Haryana (Registered Trust ) is a public charitable trust without profit motive . The foundation of NMO Haryana (Reg. Trust ) lies solely on selfless service to mankind and creating harmony among the people.

As a public charitable trust , NMO Haryana (Regd Trust ) works predominantly  for the development of national character, discipline , social binding and selfless service in medical students and doctors in general. NMO Haryana aims to create a good academic atmosphere in the medical colleges through better teacher student relationship . The trust plans to organise programmes and camps for social services and social developments with reference to health of thr community .


●       National character building in medical students and doctors in general.

●       To organize programmes and camps for social services and social developments with reference to Community Health development

●       Fostering cordial and respectful relations among medical professionals as well as with the patients in general .

●       To develop respect for ancient Bhartiya values and sympathetic attitude towards the ailments of patients and create confidence for the better future of advanced modern medicine.

●       Encouraging research and education among medical students

●       Strengthening associated organisations working with the same objective

●       Health awareness  :  organize meetings, seminars, symposia, lectures, conferences, discussion groups, training courses, exchange programmes, exhibitions and festivals for students and doctors.

●       Promote national languages in the field of medicine.

●       Medical university in each state.

●       Swadeshi movement in health care system

●       Helping in designing of proper Government Health Policy

●       Rural development Projects

●       Upliftment of the underpriviledged sections


Work without profit motive


Benefit general public at large without any distinction of caste , creed , religion , language , state , age and sex.


  1. Dhanvantri Sewa Yatra
  2. Rishi Kashyap Swasthya Sewa Yatra
  4. Nutan Chhatra Abhinandan and Charakh Shapath
  5. Samarveer Gokula Swasthya Sewa Yatra
  6. Vaicharik Varg
  7. Project Dhadkan
  8. ONE UNIT ONE SEWA project
    • Mentrual Hygiene
    • Handwashing
    • Breastfeeding
    • No tobacco
  9. Arogya Gram Yojana – Anemia Mukt Gram
  10. Annual Magazine – Kaya
  11. Netra Kumbh
  12. Vanbhoj
  13. Dhanvantri Diwas
  14. Youth Day celebration
  15. Volunteering during emergencies
    • NMO Haryana during Kerela floods
    • NMO Haryana during Covid 19
  16. Organisational meetings and webinars


  • 11 units
  • 25 + districts
  • 350+ doctor members
  • 750+ medical student members
  • 70+ villages
  • 99000+ direct beneficiaries
  • 450000+ indirect beneficiaries
  • 27+ projects
  • 450 + medical camps